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Two-pack for 12 weeks! Save 133 PLN

PLN932.00 PLN799.00

Buy a set and save 133 PLN Give yourself or your close person a PRESENT!

Set contains 2 pcs. Tonic 150 ml + 2 pcs. Shampoo 200 ml - the set is sufficient for 3-month intensive treatment! Number of sets limited.

Cure for 6 weeks! In the set you save PLN 27

PLN466.00 PLN439.00

Set contains Tonic 150 ml +Shampoo 200 ml.

For best results, use Hair Medic Tonic + Hair Medic Shampoo, which is the perfect complement to the treatment. The set lasts for 6 weeks of intensive treatment.

Organic hair tonic 150 ml


The strongest organic preparation for hair regrowth!

Hair Medic Hair Conditioner is designed for both men and women who want to effectively and quickly get rid of the problem of excessive hair loss and regain lost hair.

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Organic hair shampoo 200 ml


Przeznaczony jest dla osób pragnących błyskawicznie przywrócić równowagę skóry głowy i zatrzymać wypadanie włosów.