Hair Medic absorbs quickly, penetrates deeply into the hair roots, nourishes them strongly and instantly stimulates growth activity. Already after 2 weeks you will see the first effects, after 6 weeks it will be a real WOW effect, and then it will only get better the next weeks!

Hair Medic is effective in all types of hair loss, also in the case of androgenic alopecia, and after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In case of hair loss after pregnancy, already a pack of hair care agent completely stops hair loss and the hair restores its natural tightness as a long lasting effect!

The 14 organic active ingredients are a great advantage that Hair Medic gets when compared to other products, but that's not all !. The biggest and most significant difference comes from its advanced production technology. Hair Medic is manufactured using the patented nano extraction process that takes place in low temperature. Therefore, it can retain the desired properties of all the active particles of specially selected herbs on which it is based. As well as 20 years of research on the best ingredients, it provides the world's best product against hair loss and hair growth stimulation.

Nanotechnology is an advanced process for obtaining, selecting and concentrating objects of a very small size. The organic nanometric particles contained in Hair Medic retain properties that can not be found in regular decoctions based on extracts of the same natural ingredients.


Hair Medic is a result of 20 years of research on advanced recovery methods to obtain the best organic ingredients without loss of their active substances. Extraction of these substances at the molecular level allows them to penetrate deeply into the scalp, without injections and without side effects. The unique 14 concentrated concentric constituents, obtained using ultra modern technology, in a low-temperature nano extraction process, provide the best absorption to the body. Hair Medic is your guarantee of fastest results in the treatment of the scalp to stop hair loss and to ensure the growth of living hair. Effectiveness is confirmed by research at Daegu Catholic University, the College of Medicine in South Korea, where it was conducted allrady in 2004

After being introduced to the European market, a result achieved in January 2017 on a test of 500 patients who used Hair Medic regularly for at least 6 weeks, gave the following result

89% Very satisfied users
8% Moderately satisfied users
3% Haven’t noticed any change

We have good and well proven experience thanks to

  • 20 years of research and developement of the active organic substancies
  • 15 years presence in the South Korean market
  • 3 years presence in the European market
  • ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Security assessment allowing shampoo and hair conditioner distribution on the European market according to Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of 30 November 2009

In order to maintain the highest efficiency of the products, we are constantly expanding functional studies on peptides, protein materials, plant stem cells, fat from plant stem cells and ways to rearrange adult plant stem cells on.


Hair Medic is an extremely easy-to-use and gives complete treatment of the scalp, which in the fastest way helps to stop hair loss and double the hair density.

2 weeks - scalp stabilization

3 weeks - prevention with hair loss

5 weeks - beginning of hair growth in the living hair follicles

6 months - 2 times denser and healthier hair

Simply to use - it's enough with just a package of Hair Medic hair conditioner and systematic use twice a day, in places that show symptoms of hair loss. You do not need more dedicated products for hair loss to remove the scalp's irritation, get faster growth, moisturizing, peeling, and similar treatments. If you only use it once a day, it is recommended to do it at night. The product can be used either on dry or wet hair. It is Leave-on product, which is left in the scalp until it is completely absorbed.

Hair conditioner should come into direct contact with the scalp. This can be achieved by separating the hair with a comb and successful spraying of the hair care agent on the exposed skin of the head. After complete absorption, you can set your hair as usual. It is recommended to use hair conditioner after washing hair. If you want to use it before hair wash, wait about two hours after application to wash the hair with shampoo and water.

To achieve the best absorption effect, try to massage the scalp with your fingertips before and after using the hair care agent. This will stimulate the scalp so that the absorption and hair recovering will be even more effective.

For the best results, we also recommend systematic use of Hair Medic Shampoo that cleans the scalp of excess sebum and supports Hair Medic hair care hair cure. The shampoo should be massaged with your fingertips on damp hair and rinsed thoroughly with running water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Like all the other shampoos, do not let Hair Medic shampoo remain on the scalp for more than 5 minutes. It contains fast-acting gentle cleansing ingredients which, after prolonged exposure, can cause skin irritation. The organic active ingredients in the shampoo have a size of nanoparticles.

Hair Conditioner 150 ml

Najsilniejszy organiczny preparat na odrost włosów. Hair Conditioner przeznaczony jest zarówno dla mężczyzn jak i kobiet.

£ 83

+ shipping cost

Organic Shampoo 200 ml

Przeznaczony jest dla osób pragnących błyskawicznie przywrócić równowagę skóry głowy i zatrzymać wypadanie włosów.

£ 15

+ shipping cost

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