The strongest organic shampoo against hair loss.

Designed for those who want to restore the balance of the scalp and stop hair loss.

Provides a wealth of active organic ingredients that are obtained during the special low-temperature nano extraction process. Cleans both the scalp and hair, moisturizes, nourishes, smells good, increases volume and leaves a comfortable feeling of freshness. Stabilizes the scalp and prepares it for intensive treatment with the Medic Hair hair care agent.

For many of our customers, it’s both a perfect shampoo and most user friendly hair loss medicine at the same time.


  • Gently cleans hair and scalp
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Eliminates excess sebum
  • Reduces itchy scalp
  • Strengthens the scalp
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Increases volume and tissue


9 organicznych składników aktywnych pozyskanych przy pomocy niskotemperaturowej nano-ekstrakcji

  • Undaria pinnatifida extract,
  • Laminaria Cloustoni Extract,
  • Ne Max (Soybean) Seed Egg Extract,
  • Poria Cocos Extract,
  • Morus Alba Bark Extract,
  • Pinus densiflora Blat Extract,
  • Rehmannia chinensis Red Extract,
  • Thuja orientalis Blat Extract
  • Sesamum indicum Seed extract,

Ammoniumlauretsulfat, Vann, Ammoniumlaurylsulfat, Kokamidopropylbetain, Cocamidmea, Mentol, Duft, Ammonium laurate sulphate, Water, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, Coconutopropyl betaine, Cocamidmea, Mentol, Fragrance, Poliquaterium-10, Sodium benzoate, Phenyltrimetone, Hudroxyethylcarbamide, Caramel, Climbazole, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium chloride, Salicylic acid, Pyridoxine HCl, Disodium Edt, Panthenol, Methylchlorothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Alpha-Isomethylionone, Benzyl salicylate, citronellol, D-limonene, hexyl cinnamaldehyde

Organic Shampoo 200 ml

Przeznaczony jest dla osób pragnących błyskawicznie przywrócić równowagę skóry głowy i zatrzymać wypadanie włosów.

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