What is Hair Medic

Hair Medic is the strongest organic hair conditioner and shampoo that is the fastest way to stop hair loss and double your hair tightness!

Thanks to the combination of modern scientists' passion and the ancient oriental tradition of natural medicine, the unique composition of the 14 organic active ingredients was obtained in a low-temperature nano-extraction process.

Hair Medic absorbs quickly, penetrates deeply into the hair roots, nourishes them strongly and stimulates their activity immediately. Even after 2 weeks you will see the first effects, after 6 weeks you get a WOW effect, and then it will just get better and better!

Hair Medic provides the best results in the fight against hair loss and supports hair growth in the case of androgenic alopecia as well as after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Also in case of hair loss related to pregnancy, already a pack of hair care agent completely stops hair loss and the hair restores its natural tightness as a long lasting effect!

Not less than 14 organic active substances, is a great advantage that Hair Medic gets when compared to other products of this kind. But that's not all ! The biggest and most significant difference comes from it’s advanced production technology. Hair Medic is produced using the patented nano-extraction process that takes place in low temperature. Therefore, it can retain the desired features of all the active particles of specially selected herbs, which it is based on. Along with the 20 years of research on the best ingredients, it provides the world's best product for hair loss and hair growth stimulation.


Nanotechnology is an advanced process of obtaining, selecting and concentrating objects of a very small size. The organic nanometric particles contained by Hair Medic retain properties that can not be found in other care products based on extracts of the same natural ingredients.

Hair Medic provides access to organic active ingredients as they are to be found in nature, and this translates directly into the best absorption and utilization results.

In the Hair Medic manufacturing process we utilize active ingredients from algs, herbs, mushrooms, roots, bark, leaves and grains. We extract the organic active ingredients in the form of very small protions at the level of a single particle size. They vary in size but usually range from 1,000 to 2,000 nm per piece and indicate corresponding molecular weight. Such small particles provide the quickest and easiest way to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles. This happens without the need for needle or other invasive methods that would otherwise be utilized to penetrate the skin on the head.

In addition, we use an active hydrogen, and with that it actively extracts oxygen from biologically active substances into the natural ingredients. As a result, we get physiologically active substances and working biological material without destroying, modifying or losing it. We work at low temperatures, below 60 degrees Celsius, and the whole procedure is completed very quickly in order not to expose the material to any unnatural conditions. Therefore, the final effect is concentrated liquid full of rich ingredients, which preserved their natural properties and functions. This forms the basis for all Hair Medic products you receive.

Hair Medic History

Hair Medic was created thanks to the passion for learning and perseverance in working to overcome the problem of hair loss. It is the result of the effective application of the latest human nutrition solutions and the use of low-temperature and nano extraction technology to provide active organic ingredients. The unique composition, easy and straightforward application and the fastest results without side effects are now available to you.

In the early 1990s, Dr Park observed an increasing problem of hair loss caused by environmental pollution, lifestyle change and eating habits.

The hair loss problem seemed to apply to younger and younger people and often led to reduced self-esteem, and even depression. In South Korea, beauty care is a particularly important part of the culture. It is no coincidence that Korean cosmetics are known as highly innovative, technologically advanced and at the same time very effective. Korean women are famous for their beautiful complexion and there are actually many men who care about their daily and makeup there too. Hair loss became a very acute problem there, and Dr. Park decided to find a solution to it.

Holding a degree in food technology at the National University of Kyungbook (Korea), he decided to explore the latest findings in human nutrition at A & M University in the state of Texas (USA).

He spent 12 years continuously looking for the best organic ingredients and quickest ways to deliver them to the cells in the body without any invasive process or other side effects.

Combining years of experience in Korean natural medicine with the latest developments in nanotechnology, he managed to create the strongest organic remedy for the scalp in 2002, eliminating its problems and restoring healthy and beautiful hair to the people. The recipe and production method had been patented and he started the hair care product production.

Basically, the biggest problem was the extremely high production costs, and despite the spectacular effects on hair growth, the product was missing customers in Korea or the United States. Dr. Park did not give up, found investors and started building the most modern factory with technologically advanced production lines that could reduce costs to an accepted level. After 10 years of development, the Hair Medic brand was established and in early 2012 tests for the product in Europe began. In 2013, the product has received all the necessary certificates on the European market and in April 2014 it had a premiere at the Film Palace in Cannes, France. The same year, the product was sold in Europe and we are proud to be the only distributor.

Hair Conditioner 150 ml

The strongest organic hair conditioner for hair loss and hair growth.

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